We have something special to celebrate!

Dr. Rudi starting working in the Dental Reflections practice in May 2012. She worked for Dr. Al who started Dental Reflections as a Pediatric Dental Practice in the early 90s. Dr. Al is a well liked and reputable dentist so naturally joining his practice was a great experience. You might be wondering why we are celebrating the two year anniversary if the practice has been in the community for a long time. We promise to get to that part! :)

Dental Reflections has always been known to be very thorough/comprehensive and kid friendly dentist office. We don't rush or patients in and out of our chairs in order to get the net patient in. Dr. Rudi really enjoys taking the time to have an informative and relaxing appointment. She says, the best part about her job is getting to know the patients and their families. Her unique ability to connect with patients and make them feel comfortable right away is what really keeps us moving forward. Our staff is the exact same way. Which is what we think makes DFD special.

Back to our anniversary!

We are celebrating this month because after three years of managing the practice under Dr. Al, Dr. Rudi bought the business in May 2015. Naturally she wanted to make the practice her own but it was extremely important to her that she keep the same core values and patient care that was developed in her previous three years and beyond.

That said, the practice did undergo some major changes. Dr. Rudi invested in digital x-ray technology, she also moved the practice from paper to electronic records. If you had seen the office before you may have noticed the new front desk/waiting room area. It was important to keep but update the kids waiting area.

Lots of things have stayed the same, the office is still kid friendly, patient focused, thorough/comprehensive, on-time, and honest. The updates were meant to help us to be more efficient and patient care focused. Time fly's when you're having fun! Thanks to the Dublin, Ohio community for supporting our changes and welcoming us with open arms!