My Filling Fell Out

A filling is used if you have a cavity after the removal of tooth decay. The filling closes off the space where bacteria and food debris can enter. It is usually made of composite resin, gold, porcelain, or amalgam, which is an alloy of copper, tin, zinc, silver, and mercury.

Fillings are protective coverings and they prevent further damage to teeth. However, some fillings are not as durable as others. For example, porcelain cannot compete with the durability of gold fillings, although it is actually more visually pleasing. Ditto with composite resin; an amalgam outperforms it when it comes to durability, although it is also much nicer to see.

Because some filling materials are not as durable as others, they can sometimes loosen and fall out when they come in contact with tougher materials such as bones from your food, or if tooth decay underneath them has worsened. While this isn’t a dental emergency, it can be a cause for concern, especially if a person who has lost a filling experiences some discomfort because of it. 

It’s also worth noting that if your filling fell out, your tooth will be hollow and prone to breaking. Therefore, it’s imperative to set an appointment with a dentist to have the problem inspected and treated carefully. But if you’re still waiting days for your dentist appointment, you need to be careful with your tooth. Here’s what you should do:

  1. If the area hurts, try applying some clove oil around it. Clove oil will numb the area so the sensitivity becomes bearable.
  2. Now, if your crown (another solution similar to a filling) has come off, you can replace it after cleaning the inside of the crown through and then using tooth cement to make it adhere to the tooth. This tooth cement can be purchased from your local pharmacy and it’s very easy to use. If you don’t want to bother with tooth cement, you can use denture glue as an adhesive. These aren’t durable solutions, but they can make sure your crown will stay in place until your dentist appointment.
  3. To prevent the jagged edges of the tooth from injuring your mouth, apply some petroleum jelly on the tooth.

You mustn’t leave your “hollowed” tooth uncovered for a long time, so try these solutions until your dentist can place a new filling for your tooth.

Now, if you’re still looking for a dentist in Dublin, Ohio to care of your damaged tooth that needs a filling, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to check your insurance and provide you with the excellent dental care you deserve.