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This article is Part 3 of a three-part series about the National Children’s Dental Health Month.

Brushing teeth is the primary dental care activity that all kids must be able to master. Kids must also be able to learn to build a proper foundation for good dental self-care as they get older. But in the meantime, parents are faced with abandoned toothbrushes, gobs of toothpaste everywhere, and kids who are either only half-interested in brushing teeth or are very reluctant to perform the activity every day.

So how can parents teach proper brushing techniques for kids? These three simple strategies can be a big help:

Use disclosing tablets to show your child where plaque can actually be found.

Young children may not fully understand why brushing teeth has to be done at least twice a day, every single day. In order to show them the actual plaque on their teeth so that they will know what they need to deal with you need to keep this trick in your back pocket.

The easiest way to do this is to purchase disclosing tablets from the grocery store. Have your child chew on the tablets for about 30 seconds, spit them out into the sink, and then check their teeth in the mirror. If the disclosing tablets are red, you’ll find that any plaque on your child’s teeth and gumline will appear red.

When your child sees the areas in his mouth where the plaque can be found, he will learn to thoroughly brush both the teeth and the

Invite your kid to pretend to be a dentist to a favorite toy.

Choose one of your kid’s toys that has teeth and bring it to the sink when it’s time for your child to brush his teeth. You can take your child’s toothbrush and make the proper brushing motions over the toy’s teeth so that your child can see and understand how he should be brushing his own teeth. Then you can give him a turn to “teach” the toy how it should brush its teeth. This activity can provide him a visual reminder of the proper way to brush.

Use an app to time your kid’s brushing.

Most kids may want to rush through the act of brushing teeth so that they can proceed to doing more interesting things, so you need to teach your child to observe the proper time for it.

There are available apps you can use, such as the Colgate Tooth Fairy app which comes with a game and a two-minute timer that can help keep your child engaged throughout the entire period that he needs to be brushing his teeth.

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