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We know that brushing can be quite a challenge for parents with small children. The little ones often get all fussy and make brushing and flossing more complicated than it actually needs to be. But brushing doesn’t need to be that energy-draining end of the day activity. With the right tactics, your kids may learn to really enjoy their daily oral care routine.

If you’re struggling with your kids’ brushing routine, as a family dentist in Dublin, Ohio we have some great tips you can use to encourage the little ones to brush their teeth properly. We’ve rounded up our top five tips according to Dental Reflections Dublin Dentist, Dr. Rudi As-Sanie. As a Mom herself she completely understands the struggle and has some easy to implement solutions for you.

1. Choose kid-friendly dental products for your kids

Tip: Make brushing something fun rather than a chore. Attack those sugar bugs!

Kids dental product sales is a multi-billion dollar industry. Researchers work hard to create pint sized dental products that will be comfortable while entertaining for your children. It’s important to mention that kid-friendly dental products are loaded with designs and decorative touches that are attractive to kids. This will surely contribute to the overall experience. So, next time you stop by the toothbrush isle, let your child choose the one that excites them the most. The more they are part of the process, the more likely you are to have a pleasant experience.

Create a song for your kids to use while brushing

The internet is a great source for jams that will not only inject musical fun into the daily brushing routine, but also provide the kids instructions on how to correctly brush their teeth. YouTube has some cute two minute timed brushing videos. These are fun for introducing brushing to toddlers.

Lead by example

Brush an floss with your little ones twice a day, every day. As you can see with our Dad pictured above, making it a family affair is the way to go. If they see that brushing is a task that you can easily take care of, they likely will feel motivated to do it themselves.

Explain the consequences of not brushing

Don’t underestimate their young minds; they will understand the negative effects of neglecting the task. If you want a more powerful explanation, you can use images from the internet to visually represent the consequences. Or, ask your Dublin family dentist to talk with your kids on their next visit.

Reward them for keeping up with their oral care routine

Kids love rewards. If a treat to the dentist reveals that your children have been doing well with brushing, treat them to a dentist approved, sugar-free lollipop here and there. A little incentive can go a long way when encouraging kids to brush their teeth. Large drug store chains almost always carry these and your kids will love them just as much as the sugar filled ones.

With these easy tactics, brushing time can be something you and your children will look forward to.

For proper oral care for kids, Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to check your dental insurance and provide your whole family the excellent dental care you deserve.

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