Do I Need A Dental Crown?

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Do I need a dental crown?

There are several reasons you may need to schedule a dental crown procedure. The root of the problem begins with a cavity. It is important to address tooth pain or possible cavities early on. Whether you’re replacing a broken crown, adding a new one or having one done after a root canal, you must check with your insurance provider to find out what portion of the procedure is covered.

Like most dental treatments, the price of a dental crown is something you need to prepare for — especially if you don’t have insurance. Typically, a regular crown is priced per tooth. A porcelain crown is most commonly used by dentists for its natural look and feel.

What determines the price of a dental crown?

One of the factors that affect the price of a dental crown is the type of procedure. Say the crown will be attached to a dental implant; it will require a different process and, therefore, will likely be priced according to the complexity of the procedure.

Another is dental insurance. If you have dental insurance you will likely only be responsible for a fraction of the cost. There are special provisions today that reduce the cost of dental crowns for people without insurance. Dentists often create in-house payment plans which are designed to be affordable for those without dental insurance.

The last factor is the type of or material used for the crown.

Metal crowns — Metal crowns are not typically used anymore. Mainly because the advancement in dentistry allows us to create dental crowns that look and feel just like your real teeth. If you have a metal crown that is loose or may need to be replaced, let us know.

Porcelain crowns – These look like your real teeth and they’re perfect if you’re restoring a front tooth or more visible teeth. They are durable, just not as durable as metal crowns. They can be more expensive, not only because of their appearance but also because they may require more dental visits to custom-prepare them.

Crowns for baby teeth – These are used for baby teeth that cannot hold a filling.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns – This combines ceramic and metal and the ceramic is bonded to a metal base to provide adequate support and strength to the outer porcelain base.

If you wish to protect a damaged tooth or restore the original look of your missing or damaged teeth, contact us today to set an appointment. Dr. Rudi, is a seasoned dentist in Dublin, OH. She will be happy to discuss your options more thoroughly.

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