Why Do You Need An Emergency Dentist?

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Not all dental situations demand the services of an emergency dentist. Even certain accidents that alter the appearance of teeth (such as a chipped tooth or a crown that comes off) are not always considered dental emergencies.


The following are the common indicators that you’re dealing with a true dental emergency:

– You’re in severe pain and it’s just impossible for you to be productive because of the pain.Pain when you bite down may be caused by an abscess. This requires the immediate attention of a dentist since an abscess can be life-threatening.

– You have loose teeth that you need to preserve.

– You’re bleeding profusely from the mouth and no common remedies work in stopping the bleeding.

– Your mouth or face is swollen due to a toothache or uncomfortable sensation in your gums.

– There are protrusions, lumps or knots in your gums. These demand a proper inspection from a dentist right away because you may be manifesting the early stages of a complex dental issue.

– Your mouth or faced is bruised after getting hit.

– A foreign object is stuck in your teeth or gums (like bones or other hard items from what you were eating)

Dental emergencies are those situations where you don’t have access to or the know-how for solutions that would work. Instead of experimenting with all sorts of methods, it’s much safer (and smarter) to call an emergency dentist who can provide immediate and appropriate treatment. One thing that you should know is that many Dentists will leave an opening or two in their schedule each day for dental emergencies. This is something that will allow them the flexibility to fit you in should you have dental pain that can’t wait. After hours dental emergencies are usually assessed on a case by case basis. You may speak to an answering service who will need to connect you with the dentist.

Dealing with a dental emergency

If you’re dealing with a dental emergency (which can happen anywhere, anytime), it’s important to stay calm. Make sure you have the following items with you when you head to the dentist to make your treatment is a smoother process:

1. The name and phone number of your dentist.

2. A small container with a cover (especially if you have a tooth that needs to be restored).

3. Acetaminophen (to help manage the pain; don’t bother with other over the counter pain relievers such as aspirin or ibuprofen because they’re counterproductive, especially when you’re bleeding).

4. Gauze (for when you’re bleeding).

5. Handkerchief/cloth (for wiping drool)

If you need an emergency dentist in Dublin, OH, please contact us. We’re ready for all kinds of dental emergencies and we will be happy to check your insurance and provide you with the appropriate dental care you deserve.

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