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Are you a new patient or looking for a new family dentist in Dublin, OH?

There are a number of reasons why you may need to look for a new dentist to care for your family’s teeth. Perhaps you are new to the Dublin area, or maybe your dentist is planning to retire or relocate. In other cases, you might be looking for a dental professional who can provide the level of care and expertise for your entire family.

If you are in the Dublin, Ohio area, Dental Reflections is undoubtedly your best choice. Here you will find Dr. Rudi As-Sanie and her team are committed to provide the dental care that meets the unique needs of your whole family.

Born and raised in Kent, Ohio, Dr. As-Sanie forged a clear path to becoming an excellent dentist. She received her undergraduate degree in Biopsychology in 2005 at The Ohio State University. She then went on to complete her Doctorate of Dental Surgery at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 2009.

Because every successful professional is a lifelong learner, Dr. As-Sanie continued her training and completed her Advanced Education in General Dentistry earning a degree from The University of Cincinnati in 2010. From here, she began providing dental care solutions to patients’ in a private practice here in Dublin OH.

Dr. As-Sanie keeps abreast with advancing dental technologies and modern research to ensure that every patient is provided the best possible care. After all, her belief is that each client deserves nothing but top-notch personal service and her undivided attention. Our patient reviews are a wonderful testament to her outstanding commitment.

Your First Dental Visit

Evaluating your overall oral health is the main priority when you first come to see us for the first time. However, we also strive to get to know you and your family — to find out and remember your name and to identify your specific preferences as well as your personal hopes and expectations regarding any future dental procedures.

We understand that receiving dental care and treatment services costs money, so we go out of our way to help you find a payment option that suits your budget and personal situation. We work with your insurance provider to check your benefits and keep you informed of any out of pocket costs before your appointment. By the time you are checked in for your first visit you will know exactly what is covered by your insurance ahead of time.

If your family needs a new dentist in Dublin, OH, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our highly professional, dedicated and caring team is happy to provide the excellent dental care you deserve.

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