Why Save A Knocked-Out Tooth

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Let’s say your teen is on his school’s basketball team and is known to be a tough defender. While guarding one of the opposing team’s players, he gets caught in a screen and falls on the court. Upon standing, he puts his hand against his mouth and then runs to the bench, clasping something between his other hand: a knocked-out tooth.

Contrary to what some people may say, a knocked-out tooth can still be saved through prompt action. Advances in dental technology now allow dentists to replace a tooth that has been knocked out.

But why should one even bother to save a knocked-out tooth?

There are a few reasons to save a tooth that has been knocked out of place. For one, natural teeth will always be better than teeth replacements. Although there are a few teeth replacement options to choose from, including dentures and dental implants, these pale in comparison to the appearance and functionality of natural teeth.

Natural teeth are peerless when it comes to maintaining and supporting the face’s bone structure. In fact, the loss of teeth and failure to replace these can lead to a few problems later on.

If you happen to ask someone who wears teeth replacements like dentures, they will probably tell you that they have a difficult time eating the foods that they used to enjoy. They may also tell you about the speech problems that they have developed.

But what can you do if you or a loved one gets a tooth knocked out?

A knocked-out or avulsed tooth is considered to be a dental emergency. This means that this requires the immediate attention of a qualified professional.

When a tooth has been knocked out, its nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues are damaged. These cannot be repaired. However, the main structure of the tooth can still be reattached to its root. After putting the tooth back into place, you or your loved one will need to undergo a root canal procedure.

When a tooth is knocked out, great care must be taken to avoid touching the part of the tooth that is attached to the gums. Instead, the tooth should be held by its crown or upper part. If it is dirty, it should be rinsed with milk or water. The tooth should not be wiped dry.

It is important that the tooth is kept moist. The best way to do that is to drop it into a container with milk. If there is no milk available, the tooth can be placed between the cheek and gums. Alternatively, the tooth can be placed in a container with saliva. Your last option is to place the tooth in a container filled with water.

You may attempt to put the tooth back into its socket. If this does not work, put the tooth in a container filled with the aforementioned liquids and see a dentist as soon as possible, ideally within one hour after the tooth has been knocked out.

If you are in need of a dentist in Dublin, OH, for this and other dental emergencies, do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to check your insurance and provide you with the dental care you deserve.

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