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Kids often find brushing and flossing to be a chore that they would rather not do. It doesn’t come as a surprise that there are many kids who suffer from dental health problems like tooth decay at a very young age. Even if your children are good about brushing, how often are they doing a quick job and then off to bed with little regard for quality oral health care? Despite parents’ repeated warnings of sugar bugs we still see children with mild to moderate tooth decay daily here in our Dublin office.

Fortunately, there is one quick and easy solution that can help them prevent these issues: dental sealants. According to family dentist, Dr. Rudi As-Sanie, dental sealants are a great solution for kids who have the slightest shadow of a possible cavity. This treatment has been around for decades and yet have only begun to become a regularly recomended treatment in recent years.

What exactly are sealants and why should you ask about it the next time you and your child visit your Dublin dentist?

Sealants are made out of a plastic material. These are placed on the chewing surfaces of a child’s teeth which may have pits and fissures. The sealants are commonly used in areas which are hard for toothbrushes to reach, including the back molars. Dental sealants are often recommended for children who are not fond of brushing their teeth. However, adults can get sealants, too. Generally, sealants are recommended for patients who are vulnerable to cavities. Once your child’s permanent teeth erupt, he or she can get sealants.This can be as early as seven years old.

Sealants work by filling in and smoothing out the grooves and fissures in the teeth. Without sealants, food particles can become trapped in these and, eventually, cause oral health problems. Sealants can last up to 10 years, making these a viable solution for protecting your child against cavities. Over this period, your child’s dentist will need to regularly check the sealant for wear and cracks. According to Dublin, Ohio Dentist, Dr. As-Sani, another advantage of sealants is that these have been proven to be effective in preventing cavities in children.

But are these safe for your child?

A lot of parents are wary about the use of plastics, especially those that contain Bisphenol A or BPA. Sealants do not contain BPA. However, you need to be aware that there are some experts who claim that some plastic compounds can turn into BPA when these come into contact with human saliva. But even so, the chance of exposure is quite low. And by thoroughly cleaning the sealant, as much as 95 percent of the compounds which can be converted into BPA are removed.

Want to learn more about how dental sealants can benefit your child? Contact your Dublin dentist today to schedule an appointment.  We will be happy to check your insurance and provide you with the excellent dental care you deserve.

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