Most people have the tendency to think that they can fool their dentist by claiming they’re on top of their oral care routine, but that is definitely not the case. Dr. Rudi As-Sanie shares that she’s able to tell right away if her patients have been neglecting proper oral care. She can also identify the preventative dental care measures that must be carried out in order to prevent further damage. Dr. Rudi has a no judgment policy in her office, she wants you to know, that as a Mom of three she knows first hand how we parents end to put ourselves last when it comes to self-care.

With that said, what would your dentist be able to tell right away upon inspecting your teeth?

1.    The strength or weakness of your teeth brushing

Because thorough brushing after every meal is difficult to do when you have a busy schedule, you make up for it by brushing quite vigorously at the end of the day. The condition of your enamel reveals if you are brushing your teeth too hard. You may not see the scratches or “scarring” on your enamel, but your Dublin OH dentist can.

2.    You flossed – just right before your checkup and not anytime before it.

Firstly, the calcular deposits betray you. Second, your gums look raw because you tried to make up for the months that you neglected to floss. And lastly, you need deep dental cleaning to get rid of the plaque or tartar that may lead to periodontal disease. Not to worry, this is common and easy to get back on track with your flossing, just be sure to talk with your dentist about all of the latest flossing trends available.

3.    You don’t drink enough water.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is crucial to oral health, which is why every dental professional advises patients to chug water for the good health of their teeth and gums. Dr. Rudi can tell if you don’t drink much water by how dry your mouth is. Also, if you say that you brush often enough but you still have the early signs of tooth decay, that’s usually because cavity-causing bacteria and germs proliferate in your mouth easily due to lack of water.

Dr. Rudi can apply filling to cavities and prescribe dental products for dry mouth, but the best thing you can do, she says, is to start drinking more water to regain good oral health. Easy and free!

4.    Your diet is suffering

People who have a poor diet are easy to identify due to the condition of their teeth. If you don’t eat enough veggies and fruits, you’ll have a distinct pattern of tooth wear. There’s enamel erosion due to excessive sugar acids. Discoloration of both teeth and gums is another indicator.

You’ll be advised to use special dental care products to help with tooth sensitivity and discoloration, but Dr. Rubi will also insist on following a more nutritious diet. That goes for children too!

Clearly, there’s no point in covering up your neglect in taking preventative dental care measures. So, if you want your oral health to improve, just come clean to your dentist and you’ll be provided the best solutions to the problems dental issues you are currently experiencing. Remember our office is a no judgment zone. We just want to help you to care for an be proud of your beautiful smile.

If you are in need of a dentist in Dublin, Ohio, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We at Dental Reflections Dublin will be happy to check your insurance and provide you with the superior dental care you deserve.

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