Perfectly white teeth have been a trend for some time now. Check out social media sites like Instagram and you’ll find an abundance of celebrity endorsements and content focused on achieving beautiful smiles by having pearly white teeth.

You’re probably interested in all the DIY teeth whitening solutions you find online, but it’s important to be a little bit discriminating because some of them may actually be counterproductive. Dr. Rudi As-Sannie, a trusted dentist in Dublin, Ohio rounds up some of the most popular DIY teeth whitening trends and lays the verdict on them here.

DIY teeth whitening

Charcoal powder or toothpaste

When Buzzfeed first tested charcoal powder and toothpaste, the conclusion of the participants was completely in favor of charcoal. However, their second test revealed that there really weren’t significant changes with the whiteness of the teeth, even with the special charcoal teeth whitening system.

Here’s the thing – charcoal may provide health benefits because it’s effective in getting rid of toxins, but it doesn’t do much in terms of teeth whitening. Also, if you use the powdered activated charcoal, it may still be too coarse and abrasive for teeth. The abrasion can turn into ugly cavities in the long run. There just isn’t enough data on this trend to tell if it’s something worth investing in.

 Oil pulling

Healthy oils are all the rage these days and people are getting as creative with them as possible. One of the popular practices recommended by health buffs is oil pulling, which involves swishing VCO or other healthy oils in your mouth for up to 20 minutes to whiten teeth.

Oil pulling is a tiresome task and several trial runs proved that it doesn’t do anything in terms of whitening teeth. It does dislodge food debris, but oil pulling just doesn’t do anything to make teeth whiter.

Eating more strawberries and bananas

These fruits are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that strengthen teeth. Therefore, it goes without saying that they can contribute to beautiful smiles. As for teeth whitening, however, this practice does better than the two mentioned earlier. Strawberries and bananas can improve teeth color, but you still have to brush your teeth after eating them because of their sugar content. Flossing with strawberries is important too because as you can imaging the little particles can get stuck in between your teeth and be difficult to get out.

Blue light devices

These may seem effective, but studies prove that they’re actually not. The hydrogen peroxide and gels that come with these devices are the ones actually doing the trick.

If you really want to lighten your teeth and achieve that Hollywood bright smile, contact us for a professional teeth whitening kit. We have the right dentist approved technology for fast and effective teeth lightening. Give us a call for more information.

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