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What Sets Us Apart from Everyone Else?

We know there are many options out there to choose from for a dentist. This is why we want to really set ourselves apart from your “average” dental office. At Dental Reflections Dublin, we focus on working as a team to ensure you receive the best care and have the most enjoyable experience as possible. We care about not only your oral health but your overall health. With a thorough approach, we treat each patient like family. Here is what we feel really sets apart from other dental offices.

On Time Appointments

This is huge for us. We hear so many times that patients have sat in waiting rooms for 30-60+ minutes. We understand things happen and come up and offices may run late. However, if this is consistent pattern you are seeing at every visit, clearly there is a scheduling issue or miscommunication somewhere. If an office is constantly running behind, more time needs to be scheduled during each visit which is what we really pride ourselves on. We respect your time and we hope that you respect yours by showing up on time. We promise to have you back within 10 minutes (tops!) of your appointment time.

Extra Comfort Items

It is important to feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave. In our waiting room, we have a TV, toys for kiddos, tea, coffee or water available for you and your family. When you are in the dental chair, we make sure to add some extra amenities to go above and beyond. These include warm blankets, essential oil face towels, and headphones to listen to music. We also have a TV on the ceiling with Netflix in our kids’ area for during treatment.

No Judgements

We don’t care if it’s been 10 months or 10+ years since you’ve been to the dentist. We DON’T JUDGE. We mean it. We are here to help. Whether you fear the dentist, you didn’t have dental insurance and flat out couldn’t afford it or the fact that we have just been the last place on your mind, come on in. We want to get to know you, not just your teeth. Our team listens and cares and our goal is to provide the most honest, comfortable care for your entire family.