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Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought about wanting straighter teeth? A more confident smile? If you answered yes, I’m sure a few concerns come to mind. How much would it cost? How long is treatment time? Would I have to get braces with all of that metal? We have some answers and are here to tell you the benefits of having straight teeth and the solutions we have for YOU.

Straight teeth allow a person to clean their teeth much more effectively and lead to overall healthier gums and bone that support the teeth. This also means less bleeding, inflammation and decay depending on the persons alignment.

We love to see people’s teeth when they smile and we want them to feel confident. Crowded or crooked teeth is the #1 reason why people hide their teeth when they smile. They may be embarrassed about the position of their teeth and not want them to be visible in pictures. Straight teeth allow a person to smile and laugh out loud and feel good about themselves.

Straight teeth can also mean less headaches or jaw pain. A lot of times, when teeth are misaligned, this can cause increased headaches and tooth sensitivity. Teeth were designed to chew and bite together a certain way and when they aren’t in that favorable position, we often hear of these symptoms.

So you ask….what is the solution?

Clear aligners are trays that help straighten your teeth over a shorter time period than traditional braces. The trays are expected to be worn for 22 hours a day and are to be taken out for meals and while drinking anything besides water. This will allow the teeth to move at the proper speed and prevent delayed treatment. Each upper and lower tray are worn for 2 weeks at a time and 3 sets of trays are given to the patient at each visit. This allows for 6 weeks between visits to the dentist. The cost of clear aligners varies depending on how many sets of trays you need. A full case (Over 6 months) is similar to that of traditional braces. A limited case (6 months or less) is about half the price of traditional braces. Some insurances also offer a lifetime coverage allowance for orthodontics which does apply to clear aligners.

We are currently offering free consultations which involves a digital impression of your teeth (no more gooey, squishy stuff in the trays!!) and photos of the teeth to send in to see what type of case you qualify for. We are offering $500 off a full or limited case until the end of April. Now is your chance to get that beautiful smile you have dreamed of!!

What are you waiting for?

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