Brush Away Your Health Risks

Brush Away Your Health Risks

Brush Away Your Health Risks

Most people don’t realize the mouth is connected to the body. Ok, well maybe they do, but what they really don’t know is that the health of your mouth affects your whole body. That’s right – unhealthy teeth and gums can create a slew of other issues in your body. We want to break it down for you from head to toe. So next time you are deciding whether or not you should floss before bed or wake up 2 minutes earlier to brush before leaving the house – well you should probably do it. Did you know research shows flossing daily can add 7 years to your life? We can’t make this stuff up. Even if we did it would be more extreme – like 20 years to really scare people and hope that they floss more so their gums aren’t as puffy when they come in and they don’t have as much build up for us to scrape off. The cavities, well, those are job security for the dentist so we won’t comment on that. 😉


People with gum disease are three times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease according to a statistical review. In another study, stroke patients had higher levels of certain bacteria in their saliva, demonstrating a link between oral hygiene and stroke risk.


Hospital-related pneumonia cases decreased by 39 percent with good oral hygiene.

Cancer Risk

Women that are post menopause and have periodontal disease are at an increased risk for breast, esophageal, gallbladder, skin and lung cancers, according to a 2017 study.

Stronger Heart

Endocarditis is an infection or inflammation of the inner lining of the heart chambers and valves, caused by germs invading the bloodstream. Endocarditis and dentistry have been correlated for years now. For example: If a patient has an artificial joint, they must take a pre-med before any dental appointments to reduce the risk of the bacteria in the mouth adhering to the joint causing the joint to fail. Poor dental hygiene and unhealthy teeth and gums increase your risk for the infection.

Lower Blood Sugar

Diabetes and periodontal disease go hand in hand. If your blood sugar is uncontrolled, we see more inflammation and destruction of the bone. On the flip side, if the teeth and gums are unhealthy, it is much harder to control your blood sugar, even if you are eating right and taking the proper amount of insulin. Bottom line is – see your dentist regularly!

Healthier Kidneys

The correlation between poor periodontal health and atherosclerosis has been well established for decades now. Atherosclerosis can also lead to chronic kidney disease – who wants that?

Fatter Wallet

Yep. True story. Every time you brush and floss, it’s like adding to your 401(k). The average 20-year dental expense for an American 65+ is about $15,340. At-home tooth care can help avoid a large chunk of that cost!

Here at Dental Reflections Dublin, we care about your whole body, not just your mouth. We check your blood pressure at each visit. We promise to keep you reflecting your best!

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