What Causes Smile Insecurity?

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What Causes Smile Insecurity (And Tips To Address It)

Everybody deserves to have a smile expressing inner beauty and self-confidence. Most people may feel insecure about their smile at some point in their lives. And we all have that one friend (maybe it’s you) who never smiles with their teeth. It could be due to their insecurity about their teeth. The last thing we want to do is draw more attention to the issue but as a dentist it is hard to sit back and say nothing. We know that there is resolution and whether you do something about it or not, your smile is beautiful to us.

With painless, cost-efficient and simple cosmetic dentistry, you can instantly dazzle the entire world with a fresh looking smile.

3 Obstacles to a Beautiful Smile and How To Address Them

1. Discolored Teeth

Your teeth discolor over time for different reasons. There are external factors and internal causes for tooth discoloration. However, there are also a number of ways to whiten teeth, from using simple products to receiving professional in-office dental treatments. Although a prescription is not required to purchase over-the-counter home remedies, as dental professionals we recommend discussing them with your trusted dentist. (Check out our recent blog post about DIY teeth whitening) Typically, in-office teeth whitening solutions are better and more efficient for patients with sensitivity issues due to the fact that their mouth and teeth can be protected.

2. Crooked Teeth

Most people picture teens in braces when thinking about straightening crooked teeth. But today, there are several teeth straightening treatments that are subtler than the traditional braces. Invisalign is the brand we recommend and have had great results with. Cleaner aligner therapy, is a faster and more comfortable alternative to traditional braces. This treatment makes use of trays to gradually create change and align crooked teeth. With strict compliance and due diligence, these solutions can be successful for both teens and adults.

3. Gaps in my teeth

Gaps between teeth can be fixed with short-term orthodontics or traditional metal braces. Still, there are other means to fix gaps that work to give you a smile that you would want to share. Dental veneers make use of porcelain or ceramic to slightly widen the teeth in order to reduce the gap. Bonding fills using a resin are also a good solution to close the gaps. But if your gap is caused by missing teeth, then dentures, implants and a bridge can restore the healthy smile you once had. Also, gaps in teeth are quite beautiful, and show off your uniqueness. So while we are sharing our knowledge of dental care techniques to reduce a gap in your teeth, please know that we have many patients with  gaps that they have learned to embrace and show off.

3 Tips for Dealing With Smile Anxieties

Apart from recovering your smile with cosmetic dentistry, there are several steps you can make to recover from smile insecurity.

1. Keep Smiling

If you are scared to flash an open-mouthed smile, you can still confidently smile with your mouth closed. This is popularly known as “smizing,” a way of “smiling through your eyes.” Feeling confident and perfectly relaxed are crucial if your goal is to master smizing.

Regardless of your teeth’s condition, you must convey joy by making your eyes sparkle during situations that make you happy. Practice smiling in front of your mirror. Closed-mouth smiles can help make you seem friendly and sweet.

2. Practice Good Oral Care

Brush at least twice a day and floss once daily. Also, avoid consuming foods that are harmful to your teeth. Keeping up with your daily dental hygiene is the best way to treat bad teeth and achieve a perfect smile.

3. Visit your Dentist

Talk to your dentist regarding ways to improve your smile. Your dentist will recommend the best smile makeover treatments that will work for you. He will help rehabilitate your smile as well as make you feel more confident with your teeth.

Having unattractive teeth will make you feel insecure and helpless, turning your face into a permanent frown. It’s a good thing there are advancements in cosmetic dental care; this means there is no longer any reason for you to be unhappy with your smile. Whether you need a teeth whitening treatment or a complete restoration of your teeth, it is now easy to get a confident smile.

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