Columbus Academy of Dental Assisting School

 In Dublin Ohio Dentist

We have an exciting announcement! Dental Reflections Dublin is transforming into Columbus Academy of Dental Assisting School after hours.

Columbus Academy of Dental Assisting School is an accelerated 13-week program with a 50-hour internship. We began this program as a passion project when we realized that there is a high demand for dental assistants in the Columbus area and a slim number of qualified candidates.

Our team of skilled certified instructors will teach you the skills you need to become a certified dental assistant in just 13 short weeks. Our class sizes are small so students get personalized training. Upon completion of this course you will be certified in Radiology & CPR, ready to take your state board exam and apply for a job as a Dental Assistant. Dental assistants will be able to enter into a recession proof career in no time.

We are offering a Tuition DISCOUNT COUPON for a limited time. This for a $500 discount off tuition — but the deadline is soon. So apply now!

or CALL for a tour today! (614)526-8842

This course is held in an actual dental facility using modern equipment. The program includes a dental assistant internship in local dublin OH dental office and clinics so that you have the experience needed to get hired.

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