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If you haven’t had the chance to meet Whitney, our newest dental hygienist we hope you get a chance to on your next appointment. Whitney has been a great addition to our team! She has very positive energy and is extremely friendly, patients love her!

About Whitney

Whitney grew up in the small town of Urbana, OH. She now lives in the even smaller village of Mechanicsburg. Whitney graduated from Sinclair in 2009 and has now logged more than 8 years working in the dental field. Her most rewarding experiences as a dental hygienist have been working on surgical cases, and helping patients have a calming, positive dental experience while overcoming their dental anxiety.

Whitney is a Wife, Mother and Dog Mom. If she’s not working or spending time with her family, you can find her DIY’ing something fun she found on Pinterest!

Be sure to contact us to schedule your next cleaning with Whitney!

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