Get Glo’in with our New Leader in Whitening

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Glo Teeth Whitening - Dental Reflections Dublin Ohio

Get Glo’in with our New Leader in Whitening

Are you looking for a product that really makes people say “Woah, your teeth look so white!” Look no further than our newest whitening solution: Glo Whitening. We’ve had the best feedback and seen the best results with Glo from our Dental Reflections Dublin patients. It is super easy to use, and you can get up to 5 shades whiter in 5 days!

Glo Whitening Treatment with Dental Reflections Dublin

Each kit comes with ten vials of whitening gel. Each vial has four uses out of it. That means 40 sessions. Each whitening session is 8 minutes long, and four are recommended per day which adds up to 32 minutes. Glo uses heat and light technology to activate the whitening gel and helps speed things up. You don’t have to use the light, but the mouthpiece has the light and heat built in which makes it super easy. For only 8 minutes each session, you can whiten anywhere, anytime. On your lunch break, at home, or on the go.

Teeth Whitening Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

The best part about it is you will experience low to NO sensitivity. In fact, none of our patients have reported sensitivity unlike other products out on the market that patients have had to discontinue use because of zingers and extreme sensitivity. I mean I totally get it: beauty is pain, but sometimes that can be taken a little too far. This means no more strips that slide around on your teeth. The kit even comes with a lip conditioner to keep your lips smooth and moist during use of the whitening. The mouthpiece plugs into this super cool looking iPod you wear around your neck to give it the heat and light. In between applications, you just brush more gel from the vial on your teeth and reinsert the mouthpiece for 8 minutes. Glo is the solution for all of your whitening goals. Dental Reflections Dublin are running a special for $199 through the end of the year. You should give it a try! Contact your local dentist in Dublin, Ohio, Dental Reflections Dublin today! You won’t be disappointed.

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