Halloween Candy Buyback

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Halloween Candy Buyback

Halloween Candy Buyback

Our Dental Reflections Dublin team is excited to announce our 3rd annual Halloween candy buyback for this year. With all of the fun fall and trick or treat festivities, kids get plenty of candy when they are out and about. Kids love nothing more than to sort through their candy and see all the treats they’ve collected. They may trade with their friends or sort out what they don’t like. As a parent, you may be cringing at how much candy your child gets, while they snack on it throughout the day.

Imagine if you work in the dental field – all we think about is their teeth rotting and cavities galore. We are here to help get rid of some of that candy! It’s amazing how excited kids get when they bring us their candy (even when it’s the good stuff). They feel like they truly earned that candy and the money they get for it. We can’t promise we won’t eat any but we are donating most of it. The Ronald Mcdonald House downtown Columbus uses donated candy for charity events they put on. We approve.

Here are some tips for your kids, their candy, and how to prevent the “cavities galore”.

  • Let your kids go crazy with their candy on Halloween. Just make sure they brush for 2 whole minutes afterward and floss to get out all the sugar in between. Throw in a fluoride rinse and you are really putting on an extra shield to fight off those cavity bugs.
  • Steal the candy that is bound to start cavities out of your kids treat bags ASAP. This includes: Milk Duds, Now or Laters, Starburst, Mike and Ikes, Tootsie Rolls, Laffy Taffy, anything with caramel, chocolate covered raisins or anything super sticky that will nestle down into the grooves of the teeth.
  • After Halloween, try to limit when they eat candy. Meal times are best vs. snacking throughout the day. It’s all about frequency, not quantity.
  • Make sure your kids are up to date on their regular cleanings.

columbus candy buy back

Come into Dental Reflections Dublin the week after Halloween from November 5th-8th from 8-4pm and we will buy back that unwanted, unneeded extra candy!

Happy Halloween!!

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