No Dental Insurance? No Problem.

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One of the biggest limits of access to care for dental treatment is no dental insurance. If your employer doesn’t offer it or you don’t qualify for it, what are the options? What about if you are self-employed? Dental treatment can be very expensive and it is typically one of the most common forms of healthcare to be put off until there is pain involved.

Your dental health is the key to your overall health.

We had a patient tell us a story about a family member that was very ill and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She was losing her hair and her health was going downhill. She had seen a doctor and they were unable to pinpoint anything specific. She decided to see a dentist and found out she had an abscessed tooth that was causing an infection throughout her entire body. Once she had the tooth fixed she stopped losing her hair and her health significantly improved. This is just one of many examples that could be used to show the value in dental health.

Other payment options

Our office put together a dental savings plan for those without dental insurance to allow for the opportunity to still see a dentist at an affordable price. Additionally, it covers 2 cleanings, X-rays, 2 exams and all of our additional record collecting we do at each visit. The plan is good for one year after the date of purchase. We have separate savings plans for kids, adults, and those that require special maintenance cleanings if they have gum problems. An additional 20% off is given for further dental treatment needed like fillings and crowns.

Our hope is to give everyone the access to dental care that they deserve. You can find the prices to the different plans under the insurance tab on our website – then click reflections savings plan. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions that you may have. 614.799.5576


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