The Real Reasons For Grinding Your Teeth

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One of the most important purposes of sleep is to provide you complete relaxation. You should be able to forget about your cares, and at the same time, provide your body the time for cell regeneration. But sleep doesn’t come easily for a lot of adults. Many suffer from a certain sleep condition related to our oral health.

Among the most common sleep conditions is teeth grinding. A lot of folks have the tendency to think that they do so because they’re dealing with a lot of stress and teeth grinding or bruxism is the manifestation of their stress during sleep. Stress may contribute to the condition but according to a trusted dentist in Dublin, Ohio, the problem is not that simple.

Researchers established a direct relationship between breathing difficulty while sleeping and bruxism. Brain scans revealed that people with partial blockage in their air passageways had the tendency to grind their teeth. Teeth grinding opens the airway and allows for proper breathing.

However, sleep apnea may not be the only reason why you suffer from bruxism. One of the other reasons for grinding your teeth would be facial structure abnormalities. If you have misaligned jaws and crooked teeth, you may be inclined to grind your teeth when you sleep as well.

Bruxism is a serious dental issue.

If you suffer from it, it’s crucial to seek dental help, especially if you experience a lot of pain in your jaw every time you wake up and you’re already seeing wear on your teeth, which can lead to tooth decay and periodontal tissue damage. A dentist can present various treatment options for bruxism – including those to outwork the damages already created by the condition.

Finding the most effective treatment for your condition may take some time. More often than not, your dentist will have to work with your physician or sleep doctor to determine the most appropriate solution to your bruxism. The collaborative effort of these professionals will ensure a successful treatment.

For bruxism, immediate action is crucial. You’ll be able to prevent serious damage to your teeth. So, if you need a dentist who can treat you for this sleep condition, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our dentist can present a number of solutions for bruxism and will have no problem working with your physician for the successful treatment of the condition. We’ll also check your insurance to make sure that you get the appropriate dental care you deserve.

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