Relapse After Braces? We Can Help!

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Relapse after braces - dental reflections dublin

Relapse After Braces? We Can Help!

It is very common for us to see a patient in their early-mid 20’s come in with slight crowding. These are patients that have had braces as a child and didn’t wear their retainers. I mean we have all heard the story about the kid throwing his/her retainer away at lunchtime because it was folded up in a napkin, so we get it. Thankfully, nowadays there are more permanent retention options to prevent relapse.

Clear aligners, commonly known as Invisalign, are a series of clear trays that you wear for 22 hours a day that help align the teeth over a period of time. Compliance is super important, and the trays must be worn for the full 22 hours in order to be successful. They can be taken out when you eat or drink anything besides water but then are to be put back in right after you floss and brush after a snack or meal. Treatment time can range anywhere from a few months to a couple of years depending on how much correction is needed. Each set of trays is worn for approximately 1-2 weeks before switching out to a new set. This is a great alternative to traditional braces with metal brackets and wires.

Cost of Clear Aligners

The cost of clear aligners can cost the same as traditional braces depending upon the length of treatment time needed. An express case – 6 months or less – is going to run around $3,000. So, a full case – over 6 months – is going to run around $5,000. So, if you have dental insurance, you may actually have some coverage available. Some plans do not have an age limit, allowing you to utilize the typical $1,500 benefit towards the cost of braces, which applies to the clear aligners as well. Therefore, call your insurance company to see if you have this in your plan. Unfortunately, some plans are up to age 19 only on their ortho coverage, but it’s definitely worth looking into!

Lifelong Investment

Don’t get hung up on the cost. There are affordable payment plans available. Think of it as a lifelong investment in yourself!! Confidence is important and can make a world of a difference in the way you carry yourself. We hate to see the person that never shows their teeth when they smile or covers their mouth when they laugh. Straight teeth also help prevent gum and bone problems down the road and make it a lot easier to keep things clean. The nice thing is after you are finished with the trays, we put in a permanent retainer to ensure the teeth do not shift back.

Call Dental Reflections Dublin to Schedule

We are currently offering complimentary consultations to see if you are a candidate for clear aligners. This involves an exam, digital scan of the teeth (no more goopy impressions), and photos of the mouth to send off to Invisalign. This is a great opportunity to see if you qualify to get that straight smile you have been wanting for years. So, call Dental Reflections Dublin today at 614.799.5576 to schedule your free consultation and get started on a new you.


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