Tongue Scrapers – Are They Necessary?

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Tongue Scrapers – Are They Necessary?

Tongue scrapers have been around for centuries now but aren’t talked about that much. A tongue scraper can be very beneficial in improving your oral health. Imagine the amount of food particles and bacteria that stick to the tongue after eating and drinking. Studies show there are between 100-200 species of bacteria found in a healthy mouth and over one billion found in an unhealthy mouth. This includes bacteria found on the teeth, gums and on the tongue. A tongue scraper is super easy to use and only takes an extra 10 seconds or so added into your daily oral health care routine.

Why You Need a Tongue Scraper

The next question you may have is – can’t I just brush my tongue with my toothbrush? It sounds reasonable; however, this is just smearing the bacteria around on the tongue. Yes, you may remove a small amount but that amount doesn’t even compare to a tongue scraper. Have you ever looked at your tongue after you drank a cup of coffee or ate Oreos? It’s amazing how dark tinted foods and drinks really tend to stick to the tongue. We have another question for you – have you ever flossed and brushed your teeth and you still have the taste of the last thing you ate and drank in your mouth? Chances are – this is due to the remnants sticking to the tongue. You can only mask that bacteria smell for so long with gum or mints until it’s back again. This is where the tongue scraper comes in.

Types of Tongue Scrapers

There are many different types of tongue scrapers out on the market. Our favorite is one made by Breath Rx. This one allows you to make the tongue scraper as wide or narrow as you would like. Essentially, it is a flexible piece of plastic with scalloped edges to help remove the bacteria from your tongue. It is amazing what you will see come off when you use it. There is no set amount of times you should go over your tongue when cleaning it. We personally keep going until it’s clear. Rinse the tongue scraper under water between each use. Other types of scrapers are a metal handle with a loop type shape at the end you use to clean as well as similarly designed plastic ones. Find what is best for you! Here is the link to the Breath Rx on Amazon.

Studies have shown that incorporating a tongue scraper into your daily routine can reduce halitosis and bad breath odors up to 90 percent. A tongue scraper can even help stimulate your taste buds as you remove that coating of bacteria, enhancing a person’s sense of taste. So, do yourself a favor and next time you are out at the store, pick up a tongue scraper or jump online to order one when you get the chance. Here at Dental Reflections Dublin, we are committed to improving your oral health at all times.

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