No Dental Insurance? We Have a Plan For You!

Our Reflections Savings Plan is the perfect solution for those without dental insurance in Dublin, OH. Think of it as a membership plan for your teeth/dental health. You have the option of paying monthly or yearly for your preventive care. Studies show there was a 31% decrease in dental costs over five years for patients who received preventive care. That is so significant. This means you can save money just by seeing your dentist twice a year for your dental cleanings, X-rays, charting, and exams.

Our Reflections Savings Plan

Preventive care isn’t “just a cleaning.” It is so much more than that. This is why we have created an in-house membership plan to provide the care you need and deserve. Here at Dental Reflections Dublin, we are a comprehensive dental office. This means we care about your whole health, not just your mouth. The oral-systemic link is important to recognize to maintain your teeth and have them last a lifetime.
In each annual membership plan, you receive two checkup visits.

Each visit includes the x-rays recommended by the dentist, a professional cleaning by one of our talented hygienists, intraoral photos, oral cancer screening, dental charting assessing the health of your gum tissues, a fluoride varnish, and your exam. If you need any additional work done like fillings, crowns, etc. you will receive a 15% discount on additional dental services. This is a significant amount of savings compared to purchasing each service individually at separate times throughout the year.

Why the Annual Membership?

Purchasing the plan in advance also holds you accountable as the patient to be compliant with your dental health and not miss a visit. If you enroll in our dental membership plan after the year is up, we will auto-renew for you, so you don’t have to worry about falling through the cracks and forgetting to schedule your visits. We also offer fun add-ons like teeth whitening.

If you have been looking for a dentist and do not have dental insurance or are sick of paying high premiums for barely any coverage, consider our Reflections Savings Plan. You will not be disappointed!

Call us today at 614.799.5576 to schedule an appointment and get enrolled!

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