Why Veneers?

Unlike a crown, a veneer is much more conservative, and does not require removing a large portion of the tooth to place. A veneer is a very thin, porcelain “shell” like covering that wraps around the entire front of a tooth. Veneers can help people with the following:

  • Self-confidence-smiling without feeling embarrassed about flaws or imperfections in your teeth
  • Giving someone a younger, more vibrant appearance
  • Helping you achieve your smile goals

Who Can Benefit?

One of the biggest benefits to veneers is improving the appearance of teeth, giving a person a more uniform, brighter, and natural looking smile. Typically, people with the following will benefit most from veneers:

  • Pointed or unusually shaped/smaller teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth that cannot withstand bonding as a permanent, long lasting solution
  • Small spacing or crowding of the teeth
  • Defects or discoloration in the teeth including staining that cannot be fixed with whitening


A consultation is the first step in seeing if you would be a good candidate for veneers; they aren’t for everyone.

Here at Dental Reflections Dublin, Dr. As-Sanie is great at helping patients navigate the difference between their wants and needs. What you may have in mind may be different from what she recommends. She does a thorough job at explaining why she is recommending a specific dental treatment and advantages and disadvantages to each procedure. It is typically recommended placing veneers on all front 6 teeth so that the smile looks uniform.

Veneers can last a lifetime if done correctly. Dr. As-Sanie is very meticulous with her work and is a perfectionist.

To get scheduled for your consultation, call our Dublin, OH office at 614.799.5576.

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