Should I Have Pain After A Root Canal?

At Dental Reflections Dublin, root canal treatment is performed to save a severely decayed or damaged tooth. The inner layer of the tooth (pulp) can become infected or inflamed, requiring treatment. While there is a common belief that root canal procedures are painful, they are usually not any more painful than a filling. Some level of discomfort and pain is common in the couple of days following the procedure but you shouldn’t experience any severe or extended pain after a root canal.

Causes of Discomfort

The most common reason people have pain after their root canal is irritated gums. Your gums can become irritated and swollen during your procedure, resulting in mild discomfort after the anesthetic wears off. Any irritation and swelling should subside after a couple of days.

When a root canal is performed, it is common for the dentist to put a crown, or cap, on the tooth. If your crown is slightly too larger, it adds more force than the surrounding teeth. This can cause discomfort and pain. If you believe your crown is not properly sized, contact your dentist so they make any adjustments necessary.

Prevent Tooth Pain After a Root Canal

  1. Do not eat until any and all numbness has worn off  to prevent accidentally biting your cheek or tongue.
  2. Use over-the-counter pain medication, as needed. Be sure to follow the provided instructions.
  3. Do not use the treated tooth to chew until it has been fully restored.
  4. Brush and floss your teeth regularly.


A successful root canal can cause mild pain for the first few days after the procedure. If your pain persists longer than three days, call our Dublin, Ohio office at (614) 799-5576.

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