Teeth grinding is a frustrating and in most cases, an unhealthy sleeping habit that a lot of people have. It is a condition that many of these people may not be aware they suffer from as well. The American Dental Association identifies some of the symptoms of bedtime teeth grinding as dull headaches, jaw soreness, painful or loose, fractured teeth.

If you are noticing a small amount of pain in your jaws or have headaches regularly without knowing the exact cause behind them talk to your local dentist. These are symptoms of teeth grinding or bruxism. Sometimes it takes someone telling you that you are grinding your teeth at night to make the connection between these symptoms so we hope this post is helpful in getting to the root of the problem. We will share the benefits of using a mouth guard as well as details on how a dental guard works.

It is a condition that is not only bad for you, but can be irritating for the person sleeping next to you — especially if you grind your teeth loudly and repeatedly throughout the night. If not treated immediately. Bruxism can wear down your teeth to the point where dental implants, dentures, or bridges.

The good news is that there is a simple solution to avoid the damaging effects of teeth grinding: dental guards.

Dental guards, also called night guards, occlusal guards, splints and bruxing appliances, are made of rigid or semi-rigid materials such as laboratory-processed acrylic. They are designed to be worn over the biting surfaces of either the upper or lower teeth and are easy to insert and remove.

How does a dental guard work?

This dental appliance works by covering your teeth and preventing them from touching or coming into contact with each other.  When you wear it at night, your teeth are protected from damage that can occur during sleep — the time when you grind your teeth the most.

Your Dublin, OH Dentist can customize a dental guard for you by using a dental impression. Because of this, the appliance conforms to your existing bite, making it comfortable enough to wear every night without affecting the way you sleep.

Aside from protecting your teeth from the effects of bruxism, a dental guard also offers the following benefits:

·         It helps reduce tension that causes jaw pain and headaches

·         It relaxes your jaws at night to lessen muscle spams

·         It helps your jaw muscles to align properly, thus preventing your teeth from repeatedly locking together

·         When worn, they cushion your teeth to effectively prevent your teeth from getting damaged due to the continuous grinding or clenching action.

At Dental Reflections Dublin, we recommend that patients opt for custom dental guards instead of the ones sold at drug stores, pharmacies, and online shops. This is because most people won’t find generic dental guards as effective or as comfortable as custom ones. They may even cause further damage to your mouth. Store-brought night guards are cheaper, but you can’t be sure that they’re made of the best materials. They can increase the force used by the jaws and cause them to come out of alignment. There have been many instances wherein users find them uncomfortable and bulky and even chew right through them.

If you suffer from bruxism and you don’t want to experience its negative effects further, consult a trusted dentist in Dublin, OH so you can have a custom dental guard made at the soonest possible time.

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