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We Have Options for Nervous Patients

According to the American Dental Association, 22 percent of people avoid the dentist because they are scared. We get it. It is scary. All of the different sounds, smells and people in your personal space. We want you to know that you will be in great hands in our office. We take the time to address your fears and offer options on how we can help you to relax during the procedure.

Comfort Items

Our first goal for all of our patients is to make them as comfortable as possible. This is why we offer warm blankets, neck pillows, sunglasses, essential oil face towels and headphones. We have many patients that prefer to listen to music during their treatment. We are totally fine by that! We want you to do what is best for you. The more comfortable you are the better.

Nitrous Oxide

Have you ever heard of the term laughing gas? Well Nitrous Oxide is the technical term and it pretty much does exactly that – makes you happy. We have seen a few patients laugh quite a bit but in general it helps you relax. You are still awake and aware of what is going on, it just makes you care less. We compare it to having a few glasses of wine. It is completely safe and breathed in and out of the lungs. It is completely out of your system which means you can drive yourself to and from which is also a bonus. Insurance typically does not cover this service, but for someone who is nervous in the chair, it is a great option for them and completely affordable.


Another option that does require a driver is Valium. This is a pill you take the night before and 1 hour prior to your appointment. Most patients that opt for Valium also choose to do Nitrous Oxide as well. This is the perfect combination if you want to be at your ultimate relaxation stage. Just make sure you set up a driver to take you to and from.

Numbing Rinse and Topical Gel

For hypersensitive patients, we can even offer a numbing mouth rinse for during their cleaning or a topical gel that numbs localized areas of discomfort. For children, we use a prescription strength numbing gel prior to the numbing injection. Most children do not even feel a pinch during this time.


Our patients comfort and experience at Dental Reflections Dublin is our top priority. We will talk you through the procedure and make it as good of an experience for your as we can. We listen, care and take the time needed to keep you reflecting your best!