Dental Care During the Holidays

As we all know, December brings lots of cheer and also lots of sugar. We keep seeing these hot cocoa bombs everywhere and all we can think about is how much sugar is in those things. Sure, they are super festive and fun, but always keep your dental health in mind when you are munching and sipping this holiday season.

Yes, we know, that is the last thing we want to think about when enjoying extra goodies, however, if that’s the case, don’t be shocked when you have an extra cavity or two during your next checkup visit. There are ways to enjoy these festive treats and keep your teeth healthy at the same time!!

Eat junk with meals. Yep, we gave you the go ahead. Eat your sweets with your meals. The other food you are eating – cheese, mashed potatoes, meats and so on, are actually helping to buffer out those acids from the sugar. Same goes with those sugary drinks. If you are going to sip on some hot chocolate, it is best to do it at the end of a meal. The longer you sip on drinks between meals the more acid attacks your teeth get. After each sip, your mouth takes about 20 minutes to buffer out the acids, making your pH neutral again. If you take forever to finish your drink, your mouth never has a chance to catch up and neutralize. So, frequency, not amount is key.

We are not saying you must carry your floss and toothbrush with you in case you do splurge and sip your hot cocoa. What you can do is take water sips after the sugary stuff to also help cleanse the sugars from settling down at the gumline. Don’t forget to brush twice a day (nighttime is the most important!!) and floss once a day to help keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible this year.

One big fad to come out of 2020 are charcuterie boards. Thankfully, most of these foods are pretty healthy. Cheeses, meats, nuts and veggies are all great for the teeth. So next time you see a charcuterie board – don’t hold back. Throw a cookie in too and enjoy!

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