Reasons Why You Should Love Your Dental Hygienist

October is National Dental Hygiene Month, and we are here for it. Our dental hygienists are our tooth fairies of our Dublin dental office, the ones that spend the most time with our patients and build rapport and relationships to last a lifetime. Dental hygienists truly care about you and your teeth, which is why we take this month to recognize them and all of their hard work.

What it Takes to be a Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists must all have a license to practice. They take two written and one clinical board exams they must pass, along with many clinical hours and competencies they must complete. Dental hygiene is all about prevention. The goal is to educate each patient on what they can do at home to keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Dental Hygienist Responsibilities

There are many responsibilities that come along with the role of a dental hygienist. Most times, a new patient will see a hygienist first before meeting their Dublin dentist. The hygienist will collect all initial records, including x-rays, photos, and dental charting, to determine if a patient has healthy gums or not. A dental hygienist will know the latest and greatest products and tips and techniques to keep your smile bright and healthy. From teeth whitening to a new toothpaste or toothbrush, they are your go-to to answer any questions you may have. They attend many continuing education courses throughout the year to keep up with the ever-changing dental field.

Other Duties Hygienists Do

Dental hygienists can also administer local anesthetic to a patient. That means if someone other than the dentist comes in to get you numb before your filling, it is a hygienist. Or if you need a deep cleaning, they can also get you numb, so you are comfortable during the procedure. A deep cleaning involves using special instruments and techniques to help get the gums healthy and maintain your bone levels, so your teeth do not get loose. In addition to seeing patients, hygienists often are the ones who do the ordering for the office or take on additional roles of marketing or cleaning procedures in the office.

Next time you are in for your checkup visit with your hygienist here at Dental Reflections Dublin, be sure to thank them a little extra for all that they do and how much they truly care.

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