Get Holiday Ready with Whiter Teeth

It’s that time of year! Time to squeeze in that visit to the hair salon so your grays are hiding or your roots are touched up for that holiday party to see all of your extended family that one time of year. Are you happy with your smile? The shade of your teeth? Interested in how you can whiten your teeth? Now is a great time to treat yourself with a gift of whitening. Show off those pearly whites at your holiday party and your teeth will be glowing in all of your family photos this year.

We have several different whitening options available to our Dublin, OH patients so you can choose the best option for how you want to whiten your teeth. The simplest, on the go option is our Opalescence Go trays. They are designed for anyone to wear, meaning they are not custom fit. There are 10 sets of trays in a box and are worn for about 20-30 minutes at a time. If you want results fast, this is the choice for you. These allow you to choose your frequency of whitening, once or twice a day for 5-10 days. It has been reported from our patients that these trays may create a bit of sensitivity if you have sensitivity issues before whitening. Sensodyne toothpaste or any toothpaste with Potassium Nitrate can help reduce this sensitivity.

Our next option is our Glo Whitening. If you are going for the latest fad of whitening, this is it. This is also a speed whitening that can be used on the go. For just 32 minutes a day, Glo is used in 4 separate 8-minute sessions, giving you that shade you’ve always wanted. With a heat and light activated device that goes in your mouth over the whitening gel, you will see results fast with no sensitivity. The gel has a built-in desensitizer creating no sensitivity for the patient during or after treatment. This is a great option that typically leaves you with some gel to touch up on a later occasion which is an added bonus.

Our last option we have available to our patients is our custom whitening trays. These are super nice for patients who know they drink coffee or wine on the daily and will need to whiten several times over their lifetime. This involves dental impressions of the teeth, creating custom made whitening trays for you and just you. The starter kit comes with whitening gel syringes to fill the trays and get to your desired results. These are nice because the gel syringes come in several different percentage options giving you the choice of how long each whitening session lasts. Some people want to sleep in their trays, making it the most convenient for them (minimal sensitivity), while others want a speed whitening session with a higher percentage. You choose what you would like. The refill gel syringes are offered for purchase at a low price once you already have your trays which is a huge advantage.

All of our whitening options are great for getting the results you want, fast. As long as you commit to it and invest the time to whiten, your smile will be glowing in no time. Contact Dental Reflections Dublin today to discuss which option is best for you and we can get you on your journey to the shade you’ve always wanted.

How to Keep Your Teeth White

Everyone wants a nice white smile. The problem is getting there, and better yet – maintaining it. There are several different ways you can maintain your pearly whites after doing an at home whitening treatment whether its certain foods and drinks to avoid or OTC products you can choose. Our Dental Reflections Dublin office also have some additional ways to keep your teeth white.

Post Whitening Tips

Up to 48 hours after whitening your teeth, try avoiding foods and beverages that can stain your teeth. Think of anything that can stain a white t-shirt – like red wine, coffee or blueberries. When you whiten, you open the pores in the enamel so the whitening can really soak in and take effect. Consuming dark colors will tend to stain or darken the teeth because those pores remain open for up to 48 hours after whitening. Can’t live without coffee? We don’t blame you. Try drinking it through a straw to help pass over the teeth or lightening it up with some cream so it’s not straight black.

Home Hygiene

There are lots of excellent products out on the market that can help maintain your shade. One of our favorites is Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste. This one helps unlock trapped surface stains. Another great toothpaste is Colgate Optic White Toothpaste. You can find it in a bright, shiny red tube. It contains hydrogen peroxide so it also helps with daily surface stains. Flossing is also super important to clean in between the teeth to prevent staining in the areas your toothbrush cannot reach. Crest makes a Glide Whitening Floss with a fresh, minty flavor we would recommend. Be sure to brush at least twice a day and floss once a day. You can also purchase a whitening pen to help maintain your smile between whitening sessions. Be sure to always rinse with water after that last drink of coffee or red wine to help prevent the color from soaking in.

Foods That Help Whiten Teeth

Did you know foods like strawberries and lemons help whiten your teeth? Lemons are very acidic so we don’t want you going around sucking on lemons all day or sipping on lemon water between meals. But it’s a great option to add to your diet every now and then to help keep your smile bright. Strawberries contain malic acid (that helps whiten) and aren’t as acidic and can be consumed on a more regular basis if you choose. Other foods that help with a natural whitening are apples, celery, carrots, yogurt, milk, cheese and baking soda. Try sprinkling a little on your toothpaste for a boost.

Teeth Whitening Options

If you are looking for at-home whitening, we have some great options for you! Dr. Rudi As-Sanie, a family dentist in Dublin, OH, recommends and have in stock Opalescence Go whitening trays. These come in a 10 pack and are worn for only 15-20 minutes a day. We also have GLO Whitening which uses a light and 8 minute sessions to get your smile as white as you want it. This is great for those with sensitivity. Stop by our dental office in Dublin, Ohio, to purchase any of our options or get one next time you are in for your check-up visit!